The Right Cleansing Play Major Role In Clearing Skin

A cleanser is only one part in cleansing. Acne prone skin need much more: exfoliating, facial scrubs and toning.

Are you using the right cleanser?

The right cleanser can make a big difference; after all, it’s something you use twice a day (or should). Far too often, I find that people are using the wrong cleanser.

Removing blemishes with proper medications

We use only topical medications without side effect. Lot of our products are made from herbs.

Right Extraction

If you want to cleanse your skin of acne super fast and thoroughly, you must first deal with infections, accumulation of dead bacteria, deadwhite blood cells, and dead skin that occur beneath its surface deposited over time.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate…

Exfoliation is one of those things that does wonders for the skin. It removes the dead skin cells that look so dull, uneven, and rough.

Moisturizer and Sunscreen?


Keep Acne Clear Skin

As long as you don’t solve causes of your acne you must continue to use at least one acne products to prevent blemishes. We have Herbal products for that stage.

Your Persistence to Follow Home Regime

Be persistent in using all products and recommendations together. Anything you miss 

It could be worse before it comes better

 When you have acne prone skin your pores are full of microcomedones (acne seeds). The product will chase them to surface and you can have more acne in the beginning. This is a natural process that leads to fast maturation acne seeds without long inflamed condition. When it all comes to the surface products will clean them faster and more effective. Proper extraction will additionally speed up the clearing process.