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The preeminent San Francisco acne skin clinic that clears acne using combination all-natural and professional grade products. Med. Aesthetician, Mirsada Kurtovic, developed and perfected Acne Cure Method with impressive results – hundreds of her clients cleared blemishes through this method

My name is Mirsada Kurtovic and for more than 30 years I have specialized in advanced European style facials. I have extensive expertise in herbal cosmetic chemistry which I apply to produce highly effective all-natural herbal products. I am certified in Advanced Medical Aesthetics, Hand-On ProPeel, Beta-X Peel, and micro-dermabrasion.
Along with gaining my certification and practicing skin care for over 30 years, I have studied with some of the most famous people in the industry and collected great skills and skincare secrets. To this day, a desire to perfect my craft and curiosity do not let me rest. My facials apply a philosophy of traditional methodology with personal ingenuity. My true happiness is seeing that my efforts and time results in clear, beautiful skin.

With an average of 3-8 treatments and a customized homecare product plan, together I can clear up your complexion. I combine in-clinic treatments with an at-home regime and diet. This proven acne cure method, built upon 30 years of skincare knowledge and experience, effectively removes acne. Results are visible after the first treatment, and clear skin can be reached within one to three months (depending on severity).

Clear & Healthy Skin Program

Clearing acne and getting healthier skin  are equally important in my skincare method. 

My high  effective acne clearing method use a combination of natural and professional-grade products. 

Acne are stubborn. To get rid of them fast, you need address acne causes and symptoms in a short time with:

  • customized acne products for your condition.
  • customized facial treatments
  • healthy diet 

You will see significant improvement in a short time if you follow my recommended regime. My method is all about commitment.

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Mirsada Kurtovic, med. aesthetician


“Acne are stubborn. To get rid of them you need attack acne from all sides in a short time : with adequate treatments, diet and effective acne products. That is my Acne Cure Method”.


“No matter how bad is your skin, I can help. The key is to follow the regimen religiously. I am so confident in my results that I guarantee your skin will be clear of acne.”

“With an average of 3-8 treatments and a customized home care product plan together, I can clear up your complexion.”

“First six months is very important to keep skin skin exfoliated and free from clog pores. Facials and home regime should be supported by acne diet.”