Clear & Healthy Skin Program

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The Acne Facial Consultation begins with a online form – a rundown of your skincare routine, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that may be impacting skin health. After a thorough analysis, I will evaluate your skin and acne type. From there, should you choose to commit to the program, you’ll get a personalized home care routine to follow and I’ll share an abundance of tips and recommendations to achieve healthy, clear skin. Online form will be your skincare file and start point for future monitoring your skin clearing progress, whenever you visit me or need support.

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After diagnosing, testing skin allergies and few tests I will give you my best recommendation for your condition. Usually, the first step is to calm down the inflammation and redness with proper products.
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If you decide to commit to my Clear & Healthy Skin Program and receive your first treatment on the same day, the consultation fee is waived.

Acne Facial & Back Treatment . . . . . . . . . book appointment

About a week after using products, you can start with acne facial. You will get microdermabrasionchemical peelhigh-frequency treatmentfacial mask, and acne extractions. All those procedures have the main goal to do deep cleansing and bring oxygen in pores to kill bacteria. The number of facials depends on your skin condition, and proper using recommended products. Usually, after 2 – 3 facials and recommended home regime, my  dedicated-home-regime clients will get significant improvement.

Home Regimen Products

For the home regime, you need to stick with recommended products because all of them are combined for your condition. There are a lot of things to be considered for the right treatment plan: formulation, quality ingredients, your skin condition, and finally your commitment. For example, I recommend using my pro-grade peels with facial scrub almost every day. You can do that because I have customized ultra-gentle peeling formulations with natural ingredients.  Moisturizer, for example, must be antibacterial, soothing and natural to be effective together with other topical products… Read more about products

Diet & Supplements

You need to work on acne symptoms and causes together, with Inside & Outside regime. It is particularly important for adult acne.
Most of the acne patients have few mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Also, body inflammation could be the main cause of slow removing red marks after clearing blemishes. We have a great herbal supplements which helps naturally to calm down inflammation and stops that red marks. At the same time, it improves your overall health and general acne condition.

Maintain Clear Skin

Once you get the clear skin you need to keep it with natural products for at least 6 months. Cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer formulated for acne prone skin are usually enough for this stage. The skin has a kind of memory and will keep that condition as long as you regularly use proper cleansing products for acne prone skin.

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That is the reason why I am going to give you FREE consultation and first products at a lower price.
I want to show you how Clear & Healthy Skin Program works and how great you can look.



 Tips and recommendations for clear skin

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