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I will analyze your skin and give you my best recommendations for a sucessfull treatment plan. Require deposit $20. It will be returned after show up at the scheduled time.

Consultation & Initial Acne Treatment
Consultation & Initial Acne Treatment
The most popular choice of new customers. You will get all that you need to start your final clearing skin: Detailed Consultation with directions for your home skincare. Initial facial treatment includes: Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel, High-Frequency Treatment and Extraction

Natural Acne Treatments
Natural Acne Treatments
Most of my new clients have had acne for a long time. You can probably find yourself in one of my clients’ stories on Yelp. Adult acne, discoloration, severe acne, teenage acne are typical skin concerns that can be successfully resolved with my Natural Acne Treatments.With Natural Acne Treatment, the goals are exfoliation, hydration, the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, and killing bacteria to eliminate future breakouts.

Redness and inflammation will be reduced
Skin will achieve a healthy rebalance.
Future acne breakouts can be minimized with regular treatments
Acne Back Treatment
Back Treatment includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, extractions: Chemical peel Vienna peel Extraction High-Frequency Treatment

Rejuvenating Facial
This is the ideal antidote if you are plagued by a combination of dry skin, fine lines, loss of elasticity, dullness and perhaps even occasional hormonal breakouts. Rejuvenating facial includes: Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion: A non-invasive approach to skin care that removes damaged and dry layers of skin, stimulating the production of new skin cells, giving years back to the face and neck by diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sun damage. Glycolic peel: Glycolic treatments are considered to be the mildest and most popular acid peel treatments. Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane and belongs to a family of acids called alpha-hydroxy acids or fruit acids. Herbal Mask: A soothing mask made of finest medical herbs will soothe and prepare skin for extraction. Detailed thorough extractions

Wedding Facial
will remove your biggest skin concerns: dullness, blackheads, and whiteheads and give you glowing rejuvenated skin. It’s recommended to get the facial a few days before the event. Add your favorite makeup, and you are ready for the party.

Rosacea Treatment
Deep Pore Cleansing and Detoxifying C-Serum

Treatment for Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin. Rosacea skin holds on to dead skin cells and oil and this congestion becomes inflammation. The solution is to promote the decongesting of the skin and can be achieved with my deep cleansing facial. The treatment will open pores and help the skin shed dead cells. The addition of the C-Serum peel will eliminate free radicals while strengthening capillary walls and enhancing the skin’s own healing ability.

This facial will conclude with a concentrated Vita-C hydrating treatment leaving the face clean and decongested. This treatment is very good for preventing the progression of further stages of Rosacea.

Current research shows that Rosacea cannot be cured but can be effectively managed. I will work with your dermatologist to get you the right medicine to use at night and help design a successful daytime regiment which will include such non-clogging products as the aloe moisturizer, the anti-inflammatory toner, C-serum, and zinc oxide sunscreen.


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