The Importance of Diet

Your skin will not change unless you change your diet. Changing your diet will help you stop production of new acne impaction. You will also stop inflammation, which from impaction creates acne.

Here is the list of basic acne triggering food which has to be eliminated during the treatment process (1-3 months).

  • Fried and fast food
  • Dairy food - milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream...
  • Food that contains gluten - pasta, bread, bagels, wheat noodles,
  • All kind of sweet foods: bars, dried fruits, cakes, sugars, doughnuts...
  • Vegan soy sausages, vegan soy chicken
  • Peanut butter
  • Shellfish food and farm-raised fish...
  • Food that contains hormones - chicken, pork and deli meats...
  • Whey or soy protein powder

Supplements are part of the regime to produce strong new skin cell

Sunscreen (only mineral powder) must be used to prevent skin discolouration.

The major cause of acne is P bacteria present in acne skin. Hardened oil ( acne impaction) covered with layers of dead skin, without oxygen is perfect condition where P bacteria thrive.

How to eliminate P bacteria?

By depriving bacteria of it's food: oil and bringing oxygen to the skin (P bacteria can not live in presence of oxygen).
Several acne treatments and home regime will get rid of all these layers of dead skin and bring oil to the surface.
The best acne facial is when I take time 1 hour to extract all acne cause seeds. After 3-6 treatments, depend of skin condition, skin is free from acne. At that point, you will get recommendation how to maintain acne free skin (topical cream that will exfoliate skin and bring oxygen at the same time).

First six months is very important to keep skin exfoliated and free from clog pores. Sometimes some facials are necessary.
Several months is needed to keep skin in such condition to completely eliminate P bacteria.
Facial and home regime is supported by acne diet and recommended supplements.

How the Acne Cure System Works

Success is a result of attacking acne from all sides.

  • Determining what triggers acne production by examining your diet.
  • Stopping inflammation of acne by recommending foods that heal and nourish skin.
  • Providing a home regiment to bring acne to the surface quickly without inflammation.
  • I remove impactions every week (when skin is free of impactions, you are free from acne).

During this process, I will free your skin from acne impaction in several treatments. The remaining treatments if you would like to proceed will be spent resurfacing skin. Within 10 treatments you will have absolutely flawless skin, guaranteed! however, the regimen must be followed 100%. That’s the only way it works.

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