Blue Moisturizer


For sensitive skin that is prone to irritation due to skin care products, a hypoallergenic moisturizer is the right choice. Blue moisturizer is formulated without common allergens, making it gentle to the skin. By using natural ingredients to moisture acne-prone skin, you can regulate oil production for smoother, healthier skin.


Blue Moisturizer has hydrating and strong acne healing properties. It helps to prevent the formation of inflammations, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, and also promotes quick clearing up of such problems. It is highly recommended for adult and hormonal acne, as part of an effective acne care routine.


Using only topicals that focus on drying out the skin tricks the skin into producing more oil and increase acne. A good quality moisturizer is usually a MUST for adult acne. We made all-natural moisturizers which have antibacterial properties together with hydrating properties.


Apply in all affected areas.
This is a daily order of a full home treatment regimen. Just skip steps you don’t have products.
AM – Cleansing ==> Toning ==> Exfoliating ==> Blue Moisturizer ==> Makeup (try to avoid)
PM – Cleansing ==> Exfoliating ==> Spot Treatment  ==> Pro-Grade Topical Cream

Tip: You might also identify certain patches of skin that need more attention than others. You can moisturize these areas more than the rest of your skin.


Made from natural ingredients:  Chamomile extract, Organic Aloe Vera enriched with vitamin E,  other natural anti-inflammatory ingredients can help to keep skin calm.