C – Serum


C – Serum can really help oily, sensitive, and dehydrated skins. You would layer your serum before your moisturizer and after cleansing. C-Serum is lightweight and rapidly absorbed into the skin cells.



C-Serum works best when applied after cleansing and toning before your moisturizer. As Face serums are lightweight and absorb easily apply all over the face and neck or to specific areas. When applying serums to the face and neck apply with smoothing movements using your hands and always apply upwards to support the skin and defy gravity. Once applied, give the skin at least 60 seconds before applying your next skincare product.


C vitamin

Why C - Serum?

Serums are targeted treatments to deliver advanced results. Serums have a higher concentration of skin care activities to achieve specific results and turbo charge your existing skincare routine. Designed to absorb and work deeper in the skin, serums can treat lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores, uneven skin texture and dull grey sallow skin. Serums do not clog the pores