Lemon Cleanser


Lemon Cleanser is a perfect start to prepare the skin for the refining treatment, by improving the penetration of the active ingredients contained in subsequently applied skin care products. This is a beautiful mix of Organic Lemon and natural minerals.


What can be better for your skin – pure C vitamin from Organic Lemon!  Our Lemon paste is prepared through a traditional method which takes about 2 monthsThis process gives stronger natural antibacterial properties and doesn’t need any preservatives. Pure lemon organic paste!  It is not as irritating as a fresh lemon. Sometimes you can feel a tingling sensation if your skin is sensitive or you have inflamed spots. 

Lemon Cleanser lifts away impurities naturally without striping the essential lipids the skin needs to stay healthy and hydrated.

Lemons’ acidic properties and high amounts of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties reduce bacteria and excessive natural oils on the skin, controlling acne breakouts. It also reduces the redness associated with acne – as well as improves skin texture.
Due to the pro-collagen and pro-elastin effects of vitamin C, acne scars may also be reduced. 

Lemon milk has so many health benefits for your skin.

  • Deep cleans pores and balances oil
  • One of the best natural antioxidants.
  • Kill bacteria
  • Dissolves dead skin and stimulates the formation of new skin cells to give you firmer, more plump skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduce scars
  • Brightening skin and reduce discoloration
  • Vitamin C boosts your skin’s collagen production

And don’t forget, what is your on your skin it will come to the blood


Apply and rub into the skin. Leave it on the skin 3-5 minutes before rinse off.

Shelf life: 3 months

AMLemon Cleanser ==> Toning ==>  Moisturizing ==> Makeup (try to avoid)
PM – Cleansing ==> Exfoliating ==> Spot Treatment ==> Pro-Grade Topical Cream


Organic Lemon, Sugar, Olive Oil, Oregano oil, Panthenol, Allantoin, Salt